Toshindai : Life-sized

20 Sep - 13 Oct 2017

TOTO Gallery


noun [toh-sheen-die]

1. life-sized

2. what you are currently finding in life

TOSHINDAI is an open submission exhibition showcasing works produced by Japanese architects and architectural students who have been exploring their professional careers or studies in the UK/Europe. The exhibition is open to all types of designers and will remove the borders of student, unqualified and the qualified. Rather, it focuses on drawing attention to how each individual developed their own style and persona in an environment where historical, cultural, social and physical contexts differ largely from Japan/Asia. References are also made to how interpretations of unfamiliar industry regulations/systems by the eyes with a hybrid background may have impacted the philosophy and visions of the works presented. The exhibition is curated by the Japanese Junction London, a group of emerging Japanese architects based in London.

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