Memory of Home : Ie no Kioku

1 June - 30 June 2017

TOTO Gallery

Japanese Junction London showcased their “Memory of Home / IE NO KIOKU” and our proposals for new life style in an urban context of London. Each exhibitor will analyse their own unique memory of the living environment in Japan and the UK. A comparison of a house they grew up in Japan and a house they lived/live in London could illustrate the difference in life styles in each country and highlight their design ethos developed both on the conscious and unconscious level. New life style through visions of urban dwelling was captured, questioned and discussed. Project reviews and lectures were held during the exhibition, where the participants had the opportunity to expose their ideas to wider audience and had discussions with prominent invited guest critics. Lecturers talked about their own interpretation of “Memory of Home / IE NO KIOKU” with their vision towards life style.

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