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  • Perspective : Kai-shaku

    4 October - 2 November 2018

    Perspective : Kai-shaku is an exhibition showcasing new works produced by London-based emerging architects, designers, and creators who are fascinated by Japanese culture and its influences to the rest of the world.

    Due to its geographical circumstances and language differences with other countries, Japan seems to have developed a reputation for generating a unique culture that could be seen as different to other developed countries. These aspects, in many cases, have influenced the west in the world of arts, architecture, and beyond.

    Perspective : Kai-shaku focuses on six specific themes that the country is perceived to have developed as their own distinctive characteristics of over the years. Following a process of intercultural dialogue and studies with other exhibitors, each person will be presenting a new proposal that derives from their perspectives and interpretations (‘Kai-shaku’) of the chosen theme.

    The exhibition comprises of two contents: analysis and proposal. Each exhibitor has teamed up with another to form a pair to start an in-depth analysis of one of the six themes and its influences in the European environment we inhabit. They exchange their knowledge, experience, and understanding through an interactive dialogue in order to develop a working brief for the final proposal. Contrary to previous years, the dynamics of the presenters involved are diversified, both in origin and profession, as we are driven by the desire to advocate wider and positively unpredictable conversations about the many cultures we encounter in the city of London.

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