• Japanese Junction London is an annual exhibition programme, which seeks to act as a key platform within London’s creative scene where a wide range of works taken inspirations from both the Japanese and the Western cultures (particularly in the subjects of architecture, design and arts) are shared with the public, in hope to prompting discoveries and new inter-cultural discourse. Its aim also is to support and promote work by emerging architects, designers and creators who, regardless of their nationalities or roots, are in some ways influenced by or drawn into the Japanese culture.

    Japanese Junction was originally set up in Tokyo in 2010 by emerging Japanese architects and architectural designers who studied or worked abroad. Since its inauguration, it became an annual event in Tokyo to introduce diverse architectural discourse envisioned around the world by exhibiting University final year projects by students who studied outside Japan. The success of the events lead to the programme being introduced in other countries and London became one of them. In 2017, Japanese Junction London was held twice where it evolved into a series of exhibitions that showcased works by both students and professionals.

    In 2018, Japanese Junction London was confirmed to be held annually, with an extensive vision to involve not just Japanese participants but a wider and more diverse group of people who have interest in or are inspired by the Japanese culture.

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